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The Madness of King College Apr 12, 2019

Binary choices tend to be bad for the incumbent, and any referendum on King College is likely to turn out poorly. Monocultures have a tendency to spawn anticultures.


Will Employers Do It For Themselves? Mar 29, 2019

We need to stop living in a fairy tale where all employers are likely to scale entry-level training, solve underemployment, and facilitate novel and important pathways to great careers, if only they were sufficiently enlightened.


The Side Doors and Back Doors that Broke College Admissions Mar 15, 2019

Because there are no controls, by definition the back door to elite colleges and universities is out of control.


College’s Upper Class Twit Problem Mar 8, 2019

If they’re sincere about being part of the solution, America’s colleges and universities must recognize the scale of our inequality crisis and respond with equal vigor.


College’s Newest Abdication of Responsibility: eSports Feb 22, 2019

America’s colleges and universities have an obligation to resist the siren song of entertainment and videogames; they must be more than a mirror of bad parenting.


The Great Bundling of Workforce Development Feb 8, 2019

So while college unbundles, watch for workforce development to bundle. They’ll meet somewhere in the middle both in terms of models and popularity.


Why Employers Should Be Less Like Jeff Bezos Jan 25, 2019

The more desirable the position, the more lucrative the opportunity, the more likely employers are to abandon progressive credos and resort to reactionary hiring practices like degree or experience requirements.


A New Year, A New Letter Jan 11, 2019

Farewell UV Letter. Welcome to the Gap Letter.


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